KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

Striving to Under-promise & Over-deliver

Sustainability - Corporate Social Investment

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS is integrated with its society and its business activities have an impact on the communities in which they are undertaken. The Company is committed to managing this impact responsibly and accepts that its obligation extends beyond statutory requirements to the upliftment of society as a whole.

The KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS corporate social investment (CSI) program focuses on development projects aligned with the Company's business strategy, supporting mathematics, science and technology education, numeracy education in early childhood development and environmental education.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS will support sustainable social development through community initiatives.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has also funded the KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS Outreach Project for students at the Tshwane South College, which is a project aimed at establishing world class academic capacity in science and engineering disciplines.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS undertakes various enterprise development activities. Activities include the procurement of small subcontractors.

The Company belongs to associations and organizations relevant to our sector, including the NHBRC and CIDB.