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Sustainability - Health, Safety & Environment

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The health of our people is central to our business success. We need to understand the potential for health risks and establish suitable mitigation measures to reduce the incidence of organizational and societal health problems.
The majority of operations have installed extensive societal health programs, including random substance abuse tests and voluntary HIV/AIDS tests. The Company’s risk-based HIV/AIDS policy promotes voluntary testing, non-discrimination and awareness about preventing the spread of the disease and mitigating its effects.

Preventative and corrective mitigation measures are being implemented to eliminate the underlying causes and hazards of all health risks, including:
· Lung function disorders from dust exposure
· Fatigue and heat stress
· Repetitive strain and ergonomic injuries

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS seeks to create a mindset and an environment where people believe it is possible to work injury free, regardless of where they are in the world, what role they undertake, or in which operating entity they work.

We aspire to Zero Harm by focusing on the following key issues:
· Fatal accidents – The Company continues to reduce the level of fatal accidents and it remains determined to eliminate fatalities from its operations.
· Safety – We strive to reduce our lost time injury frequency rate by increasing safety awareness and our leadership commitment to safety.
· Safe workplaces – KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has developed a model that clearly articulates the roles, responsibilities and accountability of corporate office versus the operations.
· Serious accident prevention – Each operating unit is responsible for developing an annual serious accident prevention plan including specific measures to address the respective risk areas.
· Leadership and line accountability – Management is accountable for the safety culture of their business, the implementation of policy and meeting performance requirements.
· Communication and safety awareness – KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS introduced the PAUSE & THINK campaign to raise safety awareness through media such as an awareness video and SMS messages.

Interactions, observations and audits ‒ Safety contacts and observations encourage employees to act safely while the effectiveness of our systems and employee awareness are assessed by audits.