KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

Striving to Under-promise & Over-deliver

Sustainability - Corporate Governance

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS is committed to the principles of the Code of Corporate Governance Practices and Conduct (Code) as set out in the King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2002 (King II) and now King III. In supporting the Code, we recognise the need to conduct the business of the Company with openness, integrity and accountability.

The Company ensures compliance with all its legal and regulatory requirements through application of its governance policies and procedures. KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS undertakes to counter corruption and bribery in the Company and its markets and the Owner will undergo advanced training on the legislation covering anti-competitive behaviour.


KR Makokoe (the Owner) is committed to corporate governance best practice above the minimum
requirements of the Code. In order to address his accountability and responsibility, the Owner:

· Monitors compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of business practice and ensures that the Company   communicates with its stakeholders;

· Reserves specific powers to himself and delegates other matters to management;

· Gives direction to the Company through management and approves the strategic plan in the context of the Company   charter;

· Reviews the implementation of the strategic plan by management;

· Monitors performance; &

· Assesses the key risk areas and key performance areas of the Company.

The Owner's adherence to a Code of Conduct which incorporates standards of accepted behaviour and guidance in decision making promotes integration and co-ordination and reaffirms his commitment to the Company. The Owner will establish a number of committees to perform work on his behalf and each committee will give attention to both new and existing matters of governance and compliance within their respective mandates.

The following committees will be put in place:

· Executive
· Audit
· Health, safety & environment
· Nomination
· Remuneration & human resources
· Risk management