KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

Striving to Under-promise & Over-deliver

About KR Makokoe Investments - Strategy

We intend to ensure stability and growth as we introduce structures to counter the changed economic conditions brought on by the global economic crisis.

To support our non-negotiable commitment to sustainable earnings growth and value creation we have identified a number of key issues to be dealt with through focused leadership and proper resource allocation.

Key Issues

Vulnerable companies and projects
Companies and projects identified as having been affected by the challenging economic conditions or in need of higher leadership capacity.

Health, safety & environment
KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has a strong desire for no harm to its company and relevant stakeholders.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS is working with the Competition Commission to closely monitor possible corruption in the Construction Industry.

It is KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS policy that there shall be no discrimination on any basis.

Equity and empowerment
We pursue employment equity throughout the organisation, the economic empowerment of all sectors of society and the growth of investment in the economy.

Commercial entitlement
KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS will pursue its full commercial entitlement in terms of its contracts which are backed by sound commercial and administrative documentation.