KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

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About KR Makokoe Investments - Risk Management

Our goals

- Extend the combined assurance model; &
- Expand the role of group risk management

Our risk management process is applied in all areas of potential exposure to risk. These include: acquisitions; capital expenditure; project management; health, safety & environment; and brand integrity.

Accurate risk assessments are conducted regularly and risk mitigation promotes proactive management of risk once it has been brought into the company. A risk based audit is used to establish the effectiveness of standard financial controls.

Risk Management Process

. Risk assessment
Establish exposure to threats and opportunities.

. Opportunity Management
Take decision which change KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS’ exposure to risk.

. Risk mitigation
Proactively reduce the likelihood and impact of threats.

. Risk Based Audit
Test integrity of internal controls addressing significant areas of risk.