KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

Striving to Under-promise & Over-deliver

About KR Makokoe Investments - Directorate

KR Makokoe (the Owner) is the sole director of KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS. The Owner is responsible for approving the strategic direction of KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS and conducts business in the best interests of the company.

The Owner is governed by a Charter that sets out the framework of his accountability, responsibility and duty to the company.

· Company Charter
· Company Structure

Company Charter

The Owner has a duty to ensure that the company conducts its business in the best interest of the company.

The Owner shall:

· monitor that the company complies with relevant laws, regulations and codes of business practice, and communicates   with stakeholders openly and promptly;

· define levels of materiality, reserving specific powers to itself and delegating other matters to management;

· give direction to the company and approve the strategic plan developed by management;

· monitor implementation of the strategic plan by management;

· monitor the key areas of risk and performance;

· & determine the policy and processes to ensure the integrity of risk management and internal controls,
  remuneration, communications, and director selection, orientation and evaluation.

Board Structure