KR Makokoe Investments (Pty) Ltd

Striving to Under-promise & Over-deliver

About KR Makokoe Investments - Charter & Value

As a business and corporate citizen we are committed to the national agenda of South Africa. This includes:

  • The pursuit of employment equity throughout our organisation;
  • The economic empowerment of all sectors of our society; and
  • The facilitation of growth of direct investment into our country.

In order to meet the expectations of our market and investors we benchmark our performance and delivery against world class industry standards, while conducting our business in terms of best practice governance standards. At the heart of KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS is a non-negotiable commitment to sustainable earnings growth and value creation.

Through this process we are committed to world class fulfillment in the construction economy as our core market, enhance our core skill in engineering and our core capability in contracting, and leverage our value proposition through our core competence in industrial design.

Globalising KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS is a growth strategy that will seek new opportunity and value. We will identify global best-in-class benchmarks against which we will measure our performance in engaging our chosen natural resources and regional markets.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has introduced a new leadership capacity and builds greater critical mass against the backdrop of changed economic and market conditions brought on by the global economic crisis.


Our goals
- Improve employment equity and skills development ratings
- Maintain contributions to enterprise and socio-economic development

We have adopted a group wide BBBEE strategy which aims to achieve: appropriate broad-based empowerment ownership; black executives; an employee complement that reflects South Africa’s diversity; comprehensive skills development; preferential procurement policies; and enterprise and social development programs.

Human Capital

Our goals
- Maintain skills development spend;
- Increase the number of employees attending leadership development programs;
- Recruit new professional graduates; &
- Maintain number of engineering and construction management bursars.

Our leadership teams are fundamental to our competitive advantage and KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has employed a rigorous process to attract, develop and retain the talent it requires to meet its transformation and growth objectives.

KR MAKOKOE INVESTMENTS has adopted the leadership pipeline process with a comprehensive succession and development program and will award bursaries to provide more learnerships and artisan training.